Have You Ever Heard Of The GANN Trading Method?


GANN (W. D. Gann the legendary Financial Prophet in the Early Twenties) is one of the most famous trading methods used by old school traders. This trading method is based on very complex cycles and theories. Google GANN numbers, or the GANN trading method for a deep dive. Now lets look at some basic patterns. Some basics: In numerology you want to find the number vibration by adding up the digits to bring it down to a single digit. For example if you have the number 2417 you ... Continue reading

Trading With WATL – An MT4 Trend Line Indicator


Vast majority of traders forget about importance of trendline nowadays. They keep searching for a Holy Grail in Forex robots and expert advisors, usually ending up dealing with a no-win situation. If you are a professional trader I believe you will get my point straight away. Trendlines are unavoidable component of each technical analysis. Therefore, it is quite tricky to avoid using them. Good performance of all the tools is conditioned with correct utility and it is not ... Continue reading

How To Draw Fibonacci Retracement And Extension Levels


There are tens of Fibonacci indicator utility methods to trade at the stock market with. This post is not up and down the Fibonacci, but about the genuine, core, original method Fibonacci levels are drawn after. Number of traders does not know how to correctly use Fibonacci tool as they can’t make difference between Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci extensions levels. Not nice to hear as this method is found in the very foundations of technical analysis itself. How To ... Continue reading

Leonardo Fibonacci Italian Mathematician

Leonardo Fibonacci

As a great fan of technical analysis, I use Fibonacci indicators a lot. Even if you are a Forex beginner, you must have heard of Fibonacci by now. Let me introduce you to creator of Fibonacci numbers. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, planetary popular as Fibonacci, lived between c. 1170 – c. 1250. Born in Italy, Fibonacci is one of the greatest mathematicians in history of human kind. Many agree about the fact he is the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages. How ... Continue reading

The Custom KorDynamicFibonacci Indicator


In case you are familiar with Fibonacci trading method, and you fancy technical analysis at the same time, than you'll love this indicator as well. I warmly suggest this one to the beginners due to its simplicity and automated drawing of Fibonacci levels. Thanks to Leonardo Fibonacci we get great trading tool. Beginners normally have quite heavy troubles with Fibonacci indicators (tool) embedded within their platform. Standard Fibonacci indicator, that comes as default on ... Continue reading

This Article Is Based On A True Story About A Day Trader, Scalper And A Position Trader

Trade With Style

This is not yet another article to entertain you for couple of minutes and plant an idea inside your brain that you're going to forget about by the bedtime. I am about to tell you a story, a true story about three traders. Three traders who traded with three different trading styles – day trading, scalping, and position trading. You are about to hear a story of myself and how I went through three different trading periods, financially and emotionally. If you look close ... Continue reading

A Confirmation Candle is The Only Right Way To Open A Position

Trendline Confirmation Candle

This is a problem I often dealt with as a starter. While I was reading through forums, I have noticed that most of the starters, including myself back then, have troubles with opening position properly. Most of the strategies alert you once the price hits the spot for opening a position. With an indicator it’s the same story. You get the alert but you still don’t know when exactly the right moment is?! Price reaches the spot where you are supposed to open position, but after ... Continue reading