Leonardo Fibonacci Italian Mathematician

Leonardo Fibonacci

As a great fan of technical analysis, I use Fibonacci indicators a lot. Even if you are a Forex beginner, you must have heard of Fibonacci by now. Let me introduce you to creator of Fibonacci numbers. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, planetary popular as Fibonacci, lived between c. 1170 – c. 1250. Born in Italy, Fibonacci is one of the greatest mathematicians in history of human kind. Many agree about the fact he is the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages. How ... Continue reading

This Article Is Based On A True Story About A Day Trader, Scalper And A Position Trader

Trade With Style

This is not yet another article to entertain you for couple of minutes and plant an idea inside your brain that you're going to forget about by the bedtime. I am about to tell you a story, a true story about three traders. Three traders who traded with three different trading styles – day trading, scalping, and position trading. You are about to hear a story of myself and how I went through three different trading periods, financially and emotionally. If you look close ... Continue reading

Trader vs Trader – You Are Alone Against The Rest Of The Market

Open position with right stop loss level to max profit

You remember the 2Pac's song – Me Against the World – title of famous rapper's song, who tragically lost his life, sometimes reminds me of how each of us trader are sort of warriors standing against the rest of the trading world. If you and your colleague have opened sell position today, you might be at different sides the very next day – one in a long, another in a short trend. Your end doesn't necessarily have to be tragic. About a month ago I talked with a friend of ... Continue reading

Part 5: Don’t Pick Your Trading Style Randomly, Let Your Character Hit The Mark

Nervous Forex trader

Introduction to Trading Styles You have most-likely already tried to find a trading style that would fit your needs the best. This is where your individual character plays an important role. It is also a spot where so many people make a wrong step. Read on not to fall in the same trap. Different trade styles are applied to different characters. It would be impossible for a non-patient and hyperactive individual to become a successful swing trader, or for a melancholic and ... Continue reading

Don’t Fall Into The Trap And Lose Money, Not All Internet Indicators Are As Profitable as They Claim!

Forex money

You have had half a dozen chances to notice how all the indicators, and all the Forex strategies that can be found online are – profitable. Of course they are! Who the heck would upload a Forex indicator and write a post around it telling you how badly it sucks and how they lost half of their monthly income before they actually realized it's a trash-worthy Forex tool. You will stumble upon hundreds of indicators being sold in blogs, websites, and forums along with their ... Continue reading