Have You Ever Heard Of The GANN Trading Method?


GANN (W. D. Gann the legendary Financial Prophet in the Early Twenties) is one of the most famous trading methods used by old school traders. This trading method is based on very complex cycles and theories. Google GANN numbers, or the GANN trading method for a deep dive. Now lets look at some basic patterns. Some basics: In numerology you want to find the number vibration by adding up the digits to bring it down to a single digit. For example if you have the number 2417 you ... Continue reading

Trading With WATL – An MT4 Trend Line Indicator


Vast majority of traders forget about importance of trendline nowadays. They keep searching for a Holy Grail in Forex robots and expert advisors, usually ending up dealing with a no-win situation. If you are a professional trader I believe you will get my point straight away. Trendlines are unavoidable component of each technical analysis. Therefore, it is quite tricky to avoid using them. Good performance of all the tools is conditioned with correct utility and it is not ... Continue reading

The Custom KorDynamicFibonacci Indicator


In case you are familiar with Fibonacci trading method, and you fancy technical analysis at the same time, than you'll love this indicator as well. I warmly suggest this one to the beginners due to its simplicity and automated drawing of Fibonacci levels. Thanks to Leonardo Fibonacci we get great trading tool. Beginners normally have quite heavy troubles with Fibonacci indicators (tool) embedded within their platform. Standard Fibonacci indicator, that comes as default on ... Continue reading

A Few Things You Should Know About The BBANDS Indicator Before You Use It Next Time

Bollinger Band BBANDS

This article is all about the standard versions of Bollinger band (BBANDS), its custom versions and the dangerous you’ll meet trading with this indicator. This Forex indicator used to be really popular in mid-80s when stock market was highly liquid for most of the indicators worked flawlessly back then. Today, the story goes in a slightly opposite direction – trading with BBANDS is next-to-impossible mission, especially on Forex. Surprised? Don’t be, hear what I’ve got to ... Continue reading

The Best Custom Fibonacci Metatrader Indicators

Fibo Indicators

I believe I made it clear how I am a great fan of technical analysis by now. Thus you will often see TA drawing assistance tools for download around the blog. One of the most popular tools is – Fibonacci. In the list you will find below, you will see Fibonacci indicators I managed to find by consistently crawling Internet for few days. If you are a fan of Fibonacci, then you will love these indicators. Choose the one that fits your strategy the best and happy trading! 01 ... Continue reading